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Techelone 2015

Techelone, the annual technical fest of Chitkara University, Himachal Pradesh has been a home of new technologies and innovations from past four years. It has been catering to the technical juices of those whose lives revolve around technology by providing them a platform to create, explore and learn.

Techelone2015 is another chapter in this book of technology opening on the 20th and 21st of March which promises to be bigger, stronger and even more glorious. It will provide a platform to the students’ community to develop and showcase their technical prowess. Incorporating events and workshops on each sphere of Computer Science, Electronics and Communication and Civil trades, we aim to encourage any and everybody by making sure there is something of everybody’s interest.

The vision of this technical fest revolves around letting the students learn and grow with technology in very interactive and fun filled way so as they understand the importance of technology in real life scenarios and as an ever growing commodity.

With a whooping cash prize of 10 lakh rupees and 45 events, Techelone2015 and grown bigger, better and diverse.

Workshops act as a big source of learning. Understanding the same three workshops- cloud computing, android and digital marketing will be taking place in the field of computer. All the three workshops are being organized by Google Student Ambassador Program in collaboration with the Google Developer Group and are free of cost. Experienced personalities will be coming up to deliver the workshop and will give a hands-on experience to students for better understanding and learning. Whereas, in the field of electronics and communication major workshops like satellite designing, an amazingly flying machine-quad copter wherein students would be given an opportunity to design and launch their own satellite rocket and make the already famous quadcopter respectively. Also, for the very first time we introduce the concept and workshop of sixth sense technology. For the budding civil engineers we will be organizing a GIS workshop which will be delivered by renowned personality.

Events-Covering all type of students with different interests and intellect, we have events varying from very basic technical events to core technical events which have been divided in five zones- Comput-era (computer science zone), Electronique (electronics zone), civil-o-crates (civil engineering zone), tech-sundries (miscellaneous zone), tech-leisure (fun zone). C- Champ, Hackathon and software trade are some major events of Comput-era zone. In Electronique, Autobot, Real steel and electrotrade form the core events of the zone. Bridge your way, dream house and I-survey will be the vents for true civil engineers. Model-o-mania and Techno-modeling and the events with major cash prizes and are a part of tech-sundries zone. To add some fun element to the fest we have a zone dedicated to technical yet super fun events like technical treasure hunt, gratus heist and technical snake and ladders.

Two days filled with students from different colleges and arenas coming together for the love of technology will surely be a site to witness. Do not miss the opportunity to see the biggest festival of science and technology.

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