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Team Lakshya drives to 5th in Asia & 2nd in India at FSAE, Italy

TLR 1.0 the latest car designed by Chitkara University’s Team Lakshya Racing earned laurels in Formula SAE Italy 2014. 64 teams participated in the event which included 5 from India, held in Varano de’Melegari, Italy. Team lakshya proved once again that Chitkara University students can go toe to toe against the best Engineering Schools across the world and hold their own. With the contributions of over 21 highly energetic and skilled members, the team attained the 2nd position in India, 5th position in Asia and 29th worldwide in FSAE Italy.

Our Students through these competitions experience hand-on learning on developing a car from scratch. “The team worked really hard to produce an extreme performance formula style car for the FSAE 2014, and I congratulate them all on the well deserved victories.“, says Yatin Arora, team Captain at Lakshya. “The members received a lot of exposure and experience while participating in the International competitions and thanks Chitkara University for their worthy contributions and support.”, he adds. “We also learnt to solve real world problems using maths & science, project management and interpersonal relationships.” said Rajat.

Team Lakshya set its eyes at making Punjab and India proud, and has been successful in completing its mission. Its productions have been taken to National and International competitions and have received huge response and appreciation. “ This year was something new and different as we witnessed manifold improvements in various departments of the production team and marketing team, Ankit Khuarana, Faculty incharge at Chitkara University comments. “I’m proud that we set new benchmarks while contributing towards the growth of the automobile industry “, he says.

About Team Lakshya
Team Lakshya is a Scientific research and production team concerned with Automotive Engineering. The team formally came into existence in 2007 and is headquartered at Chitkara University,Punjab.Extremely motivated and qualified engineering students collaborate to create extraordinary products and designs for the automotive industry that get recognition at both national and international level. Extreme performance with efficiency has been the guiding vision of Team Lakshya and the team is constantly working towards introducing performance vehicles in the automotive industry.

Alongside extensive research and production experience, Team Lakshya also has comprehensive experience in various competitions. . Team Lakshya’s production, “ Eternity 2 “, was amongst the best teams in Shell Eco Marathon (Malaysia) The Team also stood first in the PFA,Shell Eco Marathon (United States of America).“ Tazz 2 “, Team Lakshya’s production, was declared the runners up in India’s first virtual SUPRA, Also, the team secured 1st position in region and 32ndposition at national level , in the SAE India Supra 2013 , competing against 174 other teams.
Team Lakshya is persistent to its motive of advancing automotive industry and has proof. Besides producing over seven cars till now, the latest achievement of Team Lakshya puts easily puts itself in the spotlight over others: Eternity III, Team Lakshya’s manufactured car, won the 5th position worldwidein the Shell Eco Marathon Asia 2014! Team Lakshya will also be holding its flagship Team Lakshya Car Launch and Team Lakshya Forum, which attracts large audiences and business sponsors alike.

About FSAE
FSAE is considered as the biggest and most thrilling competition in the world in its genre. Lakshya has earlier participated thrice in this international competition and received international acknowledgement. Taking the legacy forward, Team Lakshya took its productions to the FSAE Italy this year and won accolades to make the country proud.

We wish the team good luck for its future events!

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