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SANDBOX 2.0: Empowering Students to Innovate and Collaborate

SANDBOX 2.0, an exhilarating design-driven interdisciplinary hackathon, is set to commence, offering students a unique platform to tackle real-world industry challenges while fostering innovation, collaboration, and creativity. Following the resounding success of its inaugural edition, SANDBOX 2.0 promises an even more engaging and impactful experience for participants.

Industry Leaders’ Participation: SANDBOX 2.0 is proud to feature participation from esteemed industry experts who will serve as mentors, providing invaluable insights and guidance to students. Companies including BMC Software, Newgen, Merkle, Frog, Tequila Studi, and Hexaware will actively engage in mentoring and providing problem statements for the event, offering students a firsthand look into the inner workings of the tech industry.

What Students Will Experience: Students participating in SANDBOX 2.0 can anticipate a dynamic and immersive experience filled with learning, networking, and innovation. They will have the opportunity to collaborate with peers from diverse disciplines, fostering interdisciplinary teamwork and the cross-pollination of ideas. Additionally, they will engage with industry mentors who will offer guidance, feedback, and real-world perspectives on tackling industry challenges. The event will feature real-time industry problems sourced from prominent tech companies, allowing for hands-on experience in problem-solving. Moreover, participants will have the chance to showcase their creativity, problem-solving skills, and innovative solutions to a panel of judges for a chance to win prestigious awards and recognition.

SANDBOX 2.0 offers students a unique opportunity to gain practical experience, expand their skillset, and establish valuable connections in the tech industry—all while making a tangible impact on real-world challenges.

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