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Marketing Careers Conclave: Empowering the Future of Marketing  

Chitkara University, Punjab, is organising the Marketing Careers Conclave, set to take place on August 4 and 5, 2023. This distinctive event positions itself as a meticulously designed platform to guide and inspire future marketers on their journey towards success. With foresight and strategic planning, the conclave has successfully attracted an impressive lineup of esteemed speakers who have excelled in their careers:

  • Amit Bapna, Editor-at-large (APAC) The Drum is renowned for delivering thought-provoking perspectives on the industry.
  • Avinash Pant, Director, Marketing (Ex) at Meta (Facebook) India, has a trailblazing career at renowned companies.
  • Prakash Nair, President, Ogilvy North, is an industry leader with a proven track record of creating groundbreaking marketing campaigns.
  • Sumeer Mathur, Chief Strategy Officer, Dentsu Creative India, is a veteran marketer with a keen strategic eye and innovative approaches.

These speakers are looking forward to share their knowledge and experiences with the next generation of marketers. Driven by the university’s vision to empower aspiring marketers, the Marketing Careers Conclave aims to provide invaluable insights and knowledge from industry stalwarts. It seeks to equip attendees with the tools they need to excel in the dynamic world of marketing and communications.

The first day of the conclave is set to be led by Avinash Pant. He will discuss the landscape of marketing careers, paying special attention to the digital era’s implications. His session will engage the audience with personal anecdotes from his illustrious journey, highlighting the various roles and experiences that have shaped his career. Following this, Avinash will lead an interactive skill-building module, aimed at encouraging active student participation and fostering an immersive learning environment.

The second day will feature expert insights from Prakash Nair and Sumeer Mathur. Prakash will share his journey as a marketer, focusing on his professional milestones, the dos and don’ts he’s discovered along the way, and the essential skillsets needed to stay future-ready in an ever-changing world. He will provide an in-depth understanding of advertising, digital marketing, and communications, guiding young marketers toward a successful path.

Sumeer Mathur will captivate the attendees with his professional journey’s insightful narratives. He will outline the essential skills that have proven instrumental in his career success and delve into the intricacies of digital marketing rules, equipping the audience with vital know-how to thrive in a rapidly evolving digital world.

Amit Bapna, renowned for delivering thought-provoking perspectives on the industry, will engage the audience with captivating narratives and insights, drawing from his vast experience to shed light on the latest trends and challenges in the marketing landscape. Amit’s sessions will inspire attendees to think critically and creatively, encouraging them to explore new avenues and approaches within the marketing field.

The Marketing Careers Conclave is a unique platform that offers aspiring marketers an opportunity to learn from the brightest minds in the industry. Their presence at the conclave promises to offer invaluable guidance and inspiration to aspiring marketers, setting the stage for an enriching and transformative learning experience. The conclave not only provides practical knowledge and key insights into the latest trends but also offers a networking platform to build meaningful connections. Attendees will leave this event with a clear roadmap for their marketing careers, ready to take on the dynamic world of marketing and communications. Join us for this transformative event, designed to equip future marketers to be future-ready.

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