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Interactive Session

Dear Alumni,

You Cordially invited to attend an expert lecture related to Health Science by Dr. Sandeep Reddy, Deputy Director, MBA (Healthcare Management) and Senior Lecturer.
Sandeep has a background in Health Service Management, Public Health and Medicine. Following some years in clinical practice and medical education, Sandeep attained extensive experience managing various health service projects and formulating high-level policy in Australia, New Zealand and Europe. In recent years, Sandeep is focusing on teaching and research in healthcare management and public health. Sandeep also has a Ph.D., which involved a realist evaluation of emergency department access in the context of health reforms.

For more details, kindly click on the link below:

Date – 30th Sept, 2016
Venue – Pulitzer, Chikrara University Punjab

Alumni who are interested in attending the lecture, kindly mark a mail on alumni@chitkara.edu.in and meenaxi.sharma@chitkara.edu.in OR call us on 9888998830 and 9041816234

Kindly let us know by 26th Sept, 2016 so that necessary arrangements can be made.

Solicit your support
Looking forward for positive response.

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