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Get ready for 6 on 6 Cricket Challenge

It is time again to hold that bat and hit that ball and explore the cricketer in you. Chitkara University is soon organizing the 6 on 6 Cricket Challenge for those who love the sport.

The event will start from September 9, 2014, at Chitkara University.
The format of the tournament will be as follows:
-Night matches will be played with six players per set and four have to be kept in extras.
-There will be five overs per inning
-The match will be played with a Tennis ball

The last date for registration is September 6, 2014.
For registration please contact: Mr. Anil Rana- 9805965410
Vinay Kapoor- 9805832503
Ashish Mankotia- 9736565798
Shruti Solanki- 8627826830
Deepti Sharma- 9872995032

Rs 100 per player (Members boys)
Rs 200 per player (Non-members boys)
Rs 50 per player (Members girls)
Rs 100 per player (Non-members girls)

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