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Faculty Development Workshop

Department of Mathematics, Chitkara University, Himachal Pradesh, is organizing a faculty development workshop on Complex Functions and Partial Differential Equations on July 1 to July 5.

Complex valued functions or simply complex functions are functions which produce complex numbers.
It is an elegant and powerful method useful in study of heat flow, fluid dynamics and electrostatics.
On other hand, real world problem in general involve functions of several (independent) variables giving rise to partial differential equations more often than ordinary differential equations.

About Workshop
We emphasize that this workshop addresses not just complex functions and partial differential equations but on natural phenomena and engineering processes too.


At the end of this course a candidate will able to:

• Understand how complex numbers provide a satisfying extension of the real numbers.
• Appreciate how throwing problems into a more general context may enlighten one about a specific context (e.g. solving real integrals by doing complex integration; Taylor series of a complex variable illuminating the relationship between real function that seem unrelated – e.g. exponentials and trigonometric functions).
• Learn techniques of complex analysis that make practical problems easy (e.g. graphical rotation and scaling as an example of complex multiplication).
• Present the general features of partial differential equations.
• Discuss the relationship between the type of physical problem being solved, the classification of the corresponding governing partial differential equation, and the type of numerical method required.
• To present examples to illustrate these concepts.

Resource person: Dr Sita Ram, Ms. Neha Kumra

Convener: Ms. Neha Kumra
Dr Sita Ram

Who can attend the workshop: Faculty, industrialists, graduate and post-graduate students

Registration Fee is Rs 1000 per participant
(The Registration fee shall be paid via DD favoring ‘Chitkara University’, payable at Chandigarh.)
Registration can be done by June 25, 2013, by sending a mail to sita.ram@chitkarauniversity.edu.in


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