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Exploring Scopus: An Introduction to a Powerful Research Database

CURIN & Office of Research Publications is excited to announce an upcoming workshop on June 3rd, 2023 titled “Exploring Scopus: An Introduction to a Powerful Research Database,” designed to provide participants with invaluable insights into the world of Scopus, a widely acclaimed research database.

Workshop Highlights:
  • Introduction to Scopus Database: Gain a comprehensive understanding of Scopus and its significance in the academic and scientific community. Learn about its extensive coverage across multiple disciplines and the value it holds for researchers worldwide.
  • Identifying Journals for Paper Submissions: Discover how Scopus can assist you in selecting the most suitable journals for publishing your research. Learn how to effectively utilize Scopus’s indexing system to identify reputable journals within your field of expertise.
  • Pre-Publishing Title Indexing Check: Understand the importance of checking if your title is indexed in Scopus before publishing. Discover the benefits of ensuring your research is published in an indexed journal, including increased visibility, wider readership, and enhanced credibility within the scholarly community.
  • Utilizing Keywords for Literature Extraction: Explore techniques for using keywords effectively to extract relevant literature from Scopus. Learn how to refine your search queries and make the most of Scopus’s vast collection of scholarly articles and publications.
  • The Importance of Publishing in Scopus-Indexed Journals: Delve into the advantages and significance of publishing your research in Scopus-indexed journals. Gain insights into the impact factor, citation metrics, and the increased visibility and recognition that come with publishing in reputable, indexed journals.
  • Interactive Sessions and Q&A: Engage in interactive sessions and participate in a Q&A segment to seek clarifications, share experiences, and receive expert guidance from our facilitators.
Why Attend?
  • Expand your knowledge: Acquire in-depth knowledge about Scopus, its indexing system, and the benefits of publishing in Scopus-indexed journals.
  • Enhance your research visibility: Learn how to effectively use keywords and Scopus’s indexing features to maximize the visibility of your research.
  • Boost your publication prospects: Discover how to identify the most suitable journals for your research and increase your chances of successful publication.
  • Stay ahead in your field: Explore the potential of Scopus’s extensive database and harness its tools to stay updated with the latest research trends and developments.

Mode: Online
Time: 11:00am to 12:00pm

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