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Cyber Security – Basement to Boardroom with Quick Heal

Chitkara University in association with Quickheal Academy to conduct one day programme designed to give insight into present-day cyber security risks and the ways and means to mitigate the same.

  • Over 53,000 cyber security incidents, including phishing, website intrusions and defacements and ransomware were observed in 2017
  • India Companies lost 5000,000 dollars to Cyber-attacks in 1.5 years: CISCO
  • 46% IT security professionals don’t change security strategy after cyber attack

With digitalization and shift from brick and mortar to e-commerce data has gained much importance both amongst the Government and the Corporates. Data has become the next oil and the one who controls the data will control the business. Very regularly we come across news regarding organizations being hacked, data theft or data leakage.

To mention a little recently as per media report on November 22nd, 2017, Uber concealed a massive global breach of the personal information of 57 million customers and drivers in October 2016, failing to notify the individuals and regulators. Zomato, where hackers had stolen 17 million user records and had put them up for sale online. Zomato claimed that the developer had used the same email and password combination on Github and had not activated two-factor authentication. 17 million user credentials were stolen and put on sale on a dark web marketplace for $1000.

Forbes in their October 2017, publication stated that “Cyber Security is a Business Risk, not just an IT Problem”.

This one day programme is designed to give insight to the present cyber security risk and the ways and means to mitigate the same.

“Education is the first line of defence.”


09:00 AM TO 09:30 AM Registration and Coffee
09:30 AM TO 10:15 AM The Present Scenario

  • Data is the New Oil
  • Physical Security vs Cyber Security
  • The Battle is for Customer Interface
  • Myths of Cyber Security
10:15 AM TO 11:15 AM Cyber Crime Ecosystem

  • Modus Operandi
  • Immediate Risks to the Organization
  • Business Impact to the Organization
11:15 AM TO 11:30 AM Tea/Coffee Break
11:30 AM TO 01:00 PM Know Your Enemy

  • The Current Threat and Vulnerability Landscape of Organizations
  • Case studies and Demos
01:00 PM TO 02:00 PM Cyber Law – The Indian Perspective

  • Sensitive Personal Data or Information
  • Offences and Punishment
  • Liability of Companies
  • Computer Emergency Response Team
02:00 PM TO 02:45 PM Lunch and Networking
02:45 PM TO 04:00 PM The Solution – Create a Human Firewall

  • Password Management
  • Encryption
  • Multi Factor Authentication
  • Access Control Mechanisms
04:00 PM TO 5:30 PM Tea/ Coffee Break and Networking


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