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Chitkara University to organize “MSMEs Outreach: White Paper Writing Competition”

Participate in the unique “MSMEs Outreach: White Paper Writing Competition” and Win Attractive Cash Prizes of up to INR 3 Lacs. A fantastic opportunity to build industry-academia collaborations for working on joint projects. Understand the technological needs of the MSME industries in your region and prepare detailed reports (White Papers).

White Papers should be written in such a way that they contribute to fostering industry-academia collaborations for the joint development of technologies.

Chitkara University has a Technology Enabling Centre (CU-TEC), that was set up by the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India, in the year 2019.

CU-TEC is working with the MSME industries in the region to explore opportunities of carrying out joint projects for solving real-world problems.

To do joint projects with the MSME industries, we must understand their technological requirements, needs, challenges, etc. To do a needs assessment of the MSME industries CU-TEC announces ‘MSMEs Outreach: White Paper Writing Competition’.

A large number of manufacturing MSMEs exist in the region from different industry verticals. So there are tremendous opportunities for the academic institutions to work on joint projects with the MSMEs, after understanding their technological requirements, challenges, and needs. This is precisely the objective of the MSMEs Outreach: White Paper Writing Competition.

Applicants may choose any manufacturing MSME verticals including (but not limited to) Agro, Automotive, Biotech, Chemicals, ESDM, Healthcare, Machinery, Pharmaceuticals, Renewable, Science and Technology, etc. to write white papers for this competition.

Best White Paper will win INR 75,000 and the top 18 White Papers will win cash prizes. Submissions are due by – September 30, 2022.

Visit: chitkara.edu.in/tec for submission instructions.

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