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Chitkara University to host International School Awards 2022

Chitkara University will host the 6th edition of International School Awards (ISA – India), on April 23rd, 2022. Schools, educators, and education startups from around the world will gather under one roof for the event. With some of the most well-known keynote speakers, the event will bring the school communities together to celebrate and share innovation and learning. The purpose is to start a conversation with the international education community, as well as to recognise and acknowledge their achievements to the area.

This time, ISA organising the event with the purpose to promote holistic education and supporting National Education Policy 2020. The ISA Conference swarms with the passion and excitement that its participants bring to the floor. As we know, the objective of schooling is to assist a child reach their potential by providing them with opportunities for skill development in a nurturing and caring environment. Schools encompass the responsibility to build the future of a country by harnessing a child’s abilities.

The event’s theme includes topics such as building for the future, equity and access, higher education, and new partnerships. The goal of the event is to help participants comprehend the long-established set of abilities that kids must acquire before graduating from high school. The key abilities that our planet’s youngsters must learn in today’s world; is how to teach them such skills. See how leading educators are redesigning curricula to meet the demands of modern life, from climate education to coding. The pandemic brought to light long-standing racial, economic, and gender disparities, as well as many countries’ failure to address them.

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