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Big Data Analytics with Spark as Next Generation Hadoop

ACM Student Chapter, Chitkara University, Punjab Campus is organizing Distinguished Speaker Program on Jan 29, 2015. Distinguished Speaker Dr. Vijay Agneeswaran will deliver talk on “Big Data Analytics with Spark as Next Generation Hadoop”.

Abstract of DSP
This lecture talks about the need to look beyond Hadoop for big data analytics. Since Hadoop is not well suited for iterative machine learning algorithms, Distinguished Speaker will present Spark as one of the interesting alternatives to Hadoop for iterative machine learning algorithms.He will also give details of writing machine learning algorithms over Spark with code sketches. It also describes Spark streaming as an interesting real-time computing and analytics paradigm and presents performance comparison of Spark streaming with Storm. It also introduces the Berkeley Data Analytics Stack (BDAS) and its components such as Shark, Mesos and Tachyon.

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