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Aautosync Innovations has Intel inside

To spread innovation across the entire computing spectrum, Intel is providing select universities worldwide with Intel® Galileo boards featuring the new Intel® Quark technology. The new development boards, in the Arduino form factor favored by the maker community, will enable university students to innovate at the lower end of the spectrum with inventions that will be compatible with other Intel® Architecture-based devices in the Internet of Things.

Aautosync Innovations at Chitkara University had applied for the University program highlighting the project work being taken up by the students. The brief profile included projects such as –

  • Vehicle Diagnostics System – Research and Development
  • Live Braille – Patented
  • Quad Copters – Research and Development
  • Smart Buildings – Research and Development
  • Smart Robotics – Research and Development etc.

Realizing the potential of research work that can be undertaken at Chitkara University using these boards, Intel agreed to provide the university with 10 Boards along with complete knowledge and software support to set-up an Innovation Lab at the campus which shall make use of these boards for the ongoing projects and also work on research projects to enhance the capabilities and applications of these boards. The students shall also report their findings in terms of a survey that shall be published by Intel.

The program includes the following made available to Chitkara University at no cost:

  • 10 – Intel® Galileo boards—the first IA-based Arduino boards
  • An Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Arduino on IA
  • Getting Started with Intel Galileo programming guide (Participating universities receive one free download for every five Galileo boards; additional copies may be ordered from Amazon.)
  • Access to the Arduino on IA support community featuring community support. Additional technical support if needed will be provided for the software environment by Arduino and for the hardware environment from Intel.
  • Access to all the knowledge material and Programming support.

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