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Program schedule 9th Annual Convocation

Dear Graduates,

We have received your confirmation regarding attending the convocation. You are welcome to attend the convocation on July 19, 2014.

  • You are required to wear a formal dress to the function.
  • The venue for the 9th Annual Convocation is Auditorium, Chitkara University, Punjab
  • It is mandatory to first register, take your gown and attend the rehearsals, failing which; you will not be allowed to attend the function on the said date.

Registration0800 hrs to 0900 hrs
Rehearsals (for recipients of Degrees)0900 hrs to 1100 hrs

  • In order to maintain the decorum of the proceedings, you will enter the venue only at the start of the function and will not be allowed to leave before the function is over (likely by 1500 hrs).
  • Please get yourself registered and collect your gowns at the following counters:

CCEWLH-1 Edison BlockGround Floor
M.PHARMACY+B.PHARMACYLH-2 Edison BlockGround Floor
MBA HEALTH CARE + B.Sc. MLT + B.Sc. MITLH-3 Edison BlockGround Floor
MBA GENERAL + MBA FMP + MBA HRLH-4 Edison BlockGround Floor
MJMC + BJMC + HMCTLH-5 Edison BlockFirst Floor
CSELH-6 Edison BlockFirst Floor
BCA + BCA N/W + MCALH-7 Edison BlockFirst Floor
ECELH-8 Edison BlockFirst Floor
EELH-9 Edison BlockFirst Floor
MELH-10 Edison BlockFirst Floor
BBA + B.ComLH-11 Edison BlockFirst Floor

  • Convocation gown can be obtained on payment of Rs. 500/- only, out of which Rs. 200/- will be refunded on return of the gown after convocation at the same counter.
  • At the time of registration, a registration number will be allotted to you, which has to be displayed on the right side of the gown, at all times during the function.
  • Refreshment & Lunch will be served to all the recipients.
  • Program Schedule is attached herewith

Program Schedule for Ninth Annual Convocation
July 19, 2014
0800 to 0900hrsRegistration
0900 to 1100hrsRehearsal (for recipients of degrees)
0900 to 1115hrsRefreshments
1120hrsReception of Dignitaries
1145hrsFormation of academic procession
1200hrsAcademic procession arrives at the venue
1215hrsLighting of the lamp
1220hrsWelcome address and Presentation of Annual Report by Vice Chancellor, Chitkara University
1240hrsConvocation address by the Chief Guest
1300 to 1500hrsAward of Degrees
1500hrsVote of Thanks
1510hrsNational Anthem
1515hrsAcademic Procession leaves the venue

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