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3-Day Workshop on Research Methods and Data Analysis Using IBM SPSS and “R”

Search for knowledge or any systematic exploration to institute facts is Research. It is about searching systematically for elucidations of problems. No matter what scientific methodology is used, the variables under investigation must always be measured in some way or another. And measurement generates numbers – or data -often much more data than we can manually interpret. As a result, statistical tools have been devised to help the researcher summarize and interpret raw data. Statistical procedures not only provide a way of summarizing data into quick and manageable information, but they also help the researcher make decisions about whether relationships between two or more variables are actually real ones. Statistical methods are playing an ever-increasing role in framing suitable policies in a large number of diversified fields covering natural, physical and social sciences. Statistics today have become indispensable in all fields of human endeavor.

To address challenges and opportunities in the field of research, and to help researchers conduct research in an accurate and meaningful way, numerous software products have been developed. SPSS is one of the most popular software used by researchers widely as SPSS has enabled academicians and researchers to obtain valuable information from the data. Basic knowledge of SPSS is vital for all users before they proceed to surveys and data analyses. This three-day workshop is for beginners with little or no experience in SPSS for Windows who want to acquire the skills and knowledge on getting started with SPSS. Another popular software being in demand these days is “R” which enables researchers to implement a wide variety of statistical and graphical techniques, including linear and nonlinear modeling, classical statistical tests, time-series analysis, classification and clustering etc.

Objectives of the Workshop
The Participants will be able to

  • Select appropriate research method for conducting empirical research
  • Select statistical tools for data analysis
  • Use SPSS and R to conduct analysis and apply right tools and techniques while conducting research
  • Enhance their analytical skills

Contents of the Workshop

  • Fundamentals of Research, Statistics & Data Analysis
  • Testing of Hypothesis
  • Testing of Normality, Testing of homoskedasticity
  • Regression Analysis, Factor Analysis
  • Installing R for Windows, Script, History, Workspace
  • R Commander, R interface, R Console, R Studio
  • Data Structures, Vectors, Matrices
  • Arrays, Lists, Data frames

Who should attend?
This workshop will be helpful to

  • Academicians who want to enhance their research skills,
  • Students and Research Scholars in honing their quantitative skills
  • Industry Executives in learning analytical and presentation skills for better decision-making.

About Resource Person
Mr Saurabh Aggarwal is an Alumnus of IIT, Kanpur, and IIT, Delhi having vast experience in the field of Research and Application of Statistical Techniques. He is presently, consultant to IBM SPSS South East Asia Bangalore, Principal Consultant at HBTU Kanpur, Trainer in IBM SPSS & R for Business Analytics and Consultant to UNESCO Doha for data analysis projects. He has delivered numerous training sessions and projects related to R, IBM SPSS Statistics, SPSS Amos, IBM SPSS Modeler, Advanced Excel.

Workshop Fee
Faculty Rs. 2000/- Research Scholars Rs. 1500/- Industry Executives Rs 2500/-
Registration Fee will include registration kit and Tea and Lunch for all days. Registration will be done on first come first come first serve basis.
Limited Seats Available for the Workshop.

How to Apply
Register on the given link. Fill the enclosed form and make payment.
Email your queries at rmda.cbs@chitkara.edu.in

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