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Dr. Rajnish Sharma, Dean – Academics

I joined Chitkara University in 2008 after serving Country’s top Private Engineering institute i.e. BITS, Pilani after almost about 6 years. Due to some family compulsions, when I decided to quit BITS and join an institute close to my parental house, I was in big dilemma on question of which Institute to join. Fortunately, I got a chance to interact with the officials of Chitkara Educational Trust. I was so impressed with their down to Earth attitude and still maintaining the complete professionalism in every aspect of Education.

Since my joining in 2008, there has been no looking back, neither for Chitkara University nor for my personal growth. Since 4 years of its establishment, University has been able to successfully make a huge mark in the northern part of the country. Everybody associated with University is striving hard so as to ensure that University’s presence is felt at the Global level. Students of University have been doing exceedingly well as many of them have won laurels in events of National and International repute. May be, these are competitions at IITs or ASEE or SPEED events or competitions organized by companies like Microsoft or Texas, students of Chitkara University are no less than anybody among the best. Placements for the senior most batch have been excellent, where almost all eligible students have been placed through campus in top blue chip companies. Collaborations with top notch Industries has been another High point. Admission trends have been going absolutely great as quality of students being admitted in the University have been following a remarkable trend.

On personal front, I have been given opportunity to represent University at top Educational platforms of the world like ASEE conferences and FICCI educationists meets. My horizon of thinking while interacting with some of the best brains of the country and in International arena has really broadened. Any suggestion given to Management is paid a due attention and tried to be implemented with the best possible approach.

As an employee, we are taken care of not only about our professional growth but also for requirements on family front as well. Broadly saying all staff members of Chitkara Educational trust work with close family like ties, where elders guide younger ones with a single point of agenda that Chitkara University should keep on scaling new heights.

I have got no qualms in saying this thing that Chitkara University is Great place to work and together we really aim to reach sky high and even much beyond that….



Dr. Preethi Pradhan, Dean – Chitkara School of Health Sciences

Joining the Chitkara team has been an unexpected boost in my career. I am very grateful for the opportunity provided to be part of the Chitkara team.

There is a huge demand for healthcare professionals on one side and a big gap on the supply side for competent professionals. It is this gap that Chitkara through the Chitkara School of Health Sciences hopes to fulfill. The way it is being done with a partnership with Fortis healthcare shows a deep commitment to the desire to develop good quality professionals.

I came from an organization which is world class and a Harvard case study, taught in all the major B-schools not just in India but in different parts of the world. However, I found I could adapt easily to the work environment here. Not only did I find the Chitkara colleagues friendly, helpful and ready to lend a helping hand but very competent as well. I strongly believe the workplace where we spend majority of our time should not only be a developmental space but one where we can share and experience the joy of learning while at work. I have the freedom to do what is necessary to develop the School further; resources necessary are provided with good decision making support at the highest level. Mohit Chitkara Sir’s support to this is phenomenal and he is personally involved to ensure that what is required is provided and done on time.

Another great inspiration of being in this place is the story, role modeling and guidance provided by the Chitkara leadership. Being academicians themselves, who by dint of their hard work has grown in this field they have kept the ethos required for an academic institute of high repute intact. This is extremely critical to create a world class academic institute. Their focus on perfection is challenging for us to deliver. The mission, values all are aligned to this and the tag line “explore your potential” is very energizing.

When I interact with the Chandigarh community outside of Chitkara and respond to the question of where are you working, I understand from the people’s reaction that “Chitkara” is an institute which has earned a very high reputation due to the good quality outcome they have been able to bring about.

With such a great brand name I am very conscious that while I am now a Chitkara team member, and even though I bring with me experience in the field of health care training, I must constantly endeavor to be worthy of the position bestowed on me. To this I continually strive.


Hitakshi Dutta, Assistant Professor – CSET

It has been an honour to be the part of the Chitkara University. I joined the Chitkara University three years back and the journey since then have been enriching every day. The University provides me excellent work environment, where I get a chance to enhance my skill-set every day. The University administration is very supportive and always pays attentions towards your requirement as a faculty member.

The co-faculty members of the department are very supportive, and working with them is a matter of sheer delight. It is said that a person can give the best output when he is happy, and I feel the work atmosphere here is pleasant and congenial enough to keep me happy and vibrant. This is the place where you can share and implement your ideas.

One should always follow the golden rule “Pleasure in job puts perfection in work”.

The students’ response is also very encouraging, that always motivates you to bring something new to add to their knowledge. The university provides best of classroom teaching aids to empower teacher to effectively express and disseminated their ideas, views, thoughts to the young minds.

All in all, I am very much satisfied with my job and responsibilities; I’d always like to work for the Chitkara Unviersity.

My Best Wishes for a continued success to the Chitkara University!!


Dr. Sangeeta Pant, Dean – CCEW

It is a great pleasure to share my views with all, about my journey in Chitkara world, on this portal of Employees’ Speak. My journey started in the year 2003 with the commencement of the course of Bachelor of Education under the guidance and leadership of great educationists and esteemed visionaries Dr. Ashok Chitkara and Dr. Madhu Chitkara. Since then, every year a new feather is added in the cap of Chitkara, one of the pioneers in the field of higher education.

The name ‘Chitkara’ is known for two things- one for quality and the other for its values. Though this institute has achieved new heights in a very short span of time as a result of vision and passion of its chief patrons, the best part is that the institute is still grounded to the values like honesty, hard work, meticulousness, empathy, compassion and humanity. The excellence in every pursuit of Chitkara lies in the fact that even the smallest amount of detail is considered and worked upon while execution of each task undertaken. The quality, passion, hard work and the positive attitude of the patrons and the employees can be visualised in all the endeavours viz. teaching, research, designing of infrastructure, cultural events, placement, etc. The congenial environment of the Chitkara , disciplined students, excellent and dedicated faculty marks the difference in the quality of Chitkara from others.

As Chitkara has made advancements, it has provided me a fertile ground to grow as an acamedician and to be a better human being. The management has given me immense opportunities to learn from great educationists, visionaries, entrepreneurs during my 9 years of service.

The trust bestowed by the management in my abilities, the freedom provided to execute our ideas in the best manner has always motivated me to give my best. I am always aware of my duties and responsibilities ever since I joined the institution, but it was the institution that recognised and trusted my capabilities.

I am really thankful to God and express my gratitude to the almighty and the management for confiding in me and bestowing their trust in me. It is because of their effective leadership and able guidance that my journey in this institute has been pleasantly eventful and the learning experiences have been cherishable. All this would not have been possible without the cooperation and meticulous work of the talented team members of the Chitkara College of Education for Women.

I pray almighty that the Chitkara achieves the greatest heights and excellence in all the endeavours. Also, we continue to thrive for the best quality and finest values of life. I wish the Chitkara world and family good luck. Ameen……


Col KS Nagi (Retd), Professor – Mechanical Engineering Dept.

During the span of my career, I have been part of many prestigious institutions of our country like St Anslems School Ajmer, BITS Pilani, NDA Kharakvasla, IMA Dehradun, Indian Army, IIM Ahmedabad, DLF and now in Chitkara University. Each institution has been unique and a source of learning for me.

It gives me immense pleasure in being associated with Chitkara University and being a ‘Chitkarian’. I have been here for over four years now and have contributed in various capacities. The best part of this university is that it is being run by academicians who value and respect all the stake holders i.e. the students, faculty, parents and the industry.

Chitkara University has grown into a recognizable institution not only in northern India but pan India and even abroad. To achieve this, all members of Chitkara family have put in continuous efforts and contributed in its improvement on regular basis. Each member of the team has been always supported by the management and motivated to put in his best.

It lives by its motto of “Explore Your Potential” in the true sense by giving ample opportunities to one and all for their development. Dr Ashok Chitkara and Dr Madhu Chitkara are the guiding light and motivational force behind all activities.


Gurpreet Kaur, Deputy Manager – Academic Support Services

It’s my pleasure to share with u all, my association with Chitkara and remembering the the day I for the first time stepped into the office of, Chitkara Administrative office, Sector 9- C, Chandigarh to understand the job profile and meet people whom I would be sharing the office space and working with. I joined this prestigious Institute on 1 st Feb 2003. I still fondly remember the day Ms. Mansi Chitkara explained the whole system the institute operates on. She in her very polite and friendly self introduced me to the staff.

Over the days, months and years both the Institute and I grew. The Institute got Universities, more branches, more staff and more and more recognition, whereas I gained more experience in terms of my responsibilities and how to handle various situations and circumstances. During this journey I got to work with various people. Some who just posed to be nice but in reality they were insecure about there positions and some who were genuinely warm and very cooperative. But thankfully over a period of time I carved a niche for myself and today I can proudly look back and see that I have come a long way..I associate Chitkaras with glorious achievements of students and it really is a matter of great pride and it really feels great when the students come and still remember the efforts put in by the Institution to show them the path of success.

For me, my job, punctuality and responsibilities mean a lot..Very recently I have been promoted this itself is a great encouragement … Through this medium I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all for their support and cooperation for making this entire journey beautiful.


Rajnit Kohli, Dean Academics – Chitkara School of Hospitality

“ I take immense pride in being associated with chitkara and being apart of the chitkara family.I left a job after 16yrs in the government and do not regret my decision .The chitkara management has been ever supportive and also the colleagues and staff that work with me are a class apart .The integrity and honesty are what make me proud to be a chitkarian.”


Shifali Narang, Lecturer, Applied Sciences

“I am very proud to be a part of the CHITKARA family, where challenges never cease to end.I am very lucky to be provided with a culture that speaks of freedom, respect, friendly environment, inspiration to innovate, motivation to excel and improvise. Working at CHITKARA has been an exciting journey that has given me ample opportunities and at the same time challenged me to give in that extra bit at every step.Finally to be appreciated and recognized by the organization is extremely satisfying. In simple words to put it across “A place to be at work where success thrives”

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