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Chitkara University Honors J A Chowdary Pioneer in Entrepreneurship with Honorary Doctorate

Chitkara University conferred an Honorary Doctorate degree upon J A Chowdary, the distinguished Founder and Chairman of the International Startup Foundation. This prestigious recognition pays homage to his outstanding and transformative contributions to the dynamic field of entrepreneurship.

The International Startup Foundation, founded by J A Chowdary, is committed to promoting and supporting startups and entrepreneurs globally. It provides mentorship, resources, and a thriving platform for emerging innovators.

The ceremony, a testament to the university’s commitment to recognising trailblazers, witnessed J A Chowdary share profound insights drawn from his extraordinary journey. He expressed heartfelt gratitude to Chitkara University for bestowing upon him this esteemed honour, acknowledging the institution’s pivotal role in nurturing innovation and entrepreneurial spirit.

During the event, J A Chowdary extended his appreciation to Dr. Ashok K Chitkara, the esteemed Chancellor of Chitkara University, and Dr. Madhu Chitkara, the Pro-Chancellor, for their visionary leadership and unwavering dedication to education and entrepreneurship.

In his address, J A Chowdary lauded Chitkara University for its remarkable achievements, particularly in the realms of education and entrepreneurship. He commended the institution’s distinctive focus on industry-aligned programs, which have significantly contributed to the development of a skilled and entrepreneurial workforce.

The conferment of this Honorary Doctorate upon J A Chowdary underscores Chitkara University’s commitment to celebrating visionary leaders who drive innovation and transformation in society.

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