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Why Sales & Marketing

With competitive salaries and perks, the chance to work in industries that interest you and a culture of being judged by your results, a sales career could offer just what you want from a graduate job.

Sales people can be found working across virtually every industry sector imaginable, from manufacturing to distribution and services, persuading customers to buy their company’s products and looking after the needs of existing customers in areas including:

  • FMCG – fast moving consumer goods
  • Consumer durables
  • Industrial supplies
  • Pharma
  • Media
  • IT- Hardware & Software
  • Services –Airlines/Banking/Financial Services etc.

If you think sales doesn’t require a formal degree, think again! The skills you develop during your degree will be invaluable. The reason why many multinational companies run graduate sales schemes is precisely because they want to exploit the skills, knowledge and talent which graduates can bring to the marketplace.

It is also commonly known that over 70% of CEO’s come through a Sales route.

What is the only role in an organisation responsible for generating revenue and therefore profit to the business?
Is it marketing?…NO!,
Is it the Finance department?….NO!,
How about the admin team?…NO!,
The IT department?…NO!
The Sales team? YES!

Sales people are always required. No matter what the industry. No matter what the situation. You’ll always be in demand.

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