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Doctoral Program (Ph.D) in Engineering & Technology (Electronics & Communication Engineering)

Unlike any other academic degree a Ph.D Degree requires a much larger commitment in terms of work and intellectual energy. This course is designed to provide the students with a peculiar experience to make them focus on the area of interest to them. Along with the in depth knowledge of the area, strong imagination is required to add to the existing domain of knowledge. One has to start by mastering the subject/area of his/her interest and then must combine this knowledge with his/her strong imagination and hard work to extend the body of knowledge about that subject/field.

Chitkara University’s Doctor of Philosophy in Electronics & Communication Engineering also builds on the foundation of a Bachelor’s/ Master’s degree to train and prepare students for leadership in research and development and teaching positions in industry and academia. Our doctoral students are educated and trained thoroughly to find, understand, keenly observe and critically analyse a problem to explore various available solutions and provide the best one as per the given constraints. They are also trained and encouraged to write funding proposals and make presentations on their research/product ideas to various national international, academic and industrial research funding organizations as per the chosen subject/area. On completion of the PhDs students will be equipped to carry out their own independent research and train new researchers.

The PhD programme in electronics and communications thrusts upon but is not limited to the following main areas: Low power VLSI design,circuit and system design, microwave and antenna design, biomedical electronics and instrumentation engineering, FPGA based system design, signal processing, image processing, microwave in agricultural technology.

Interdisciplinary areas are also highly encouraged.

Program Mission and Objectives
This doctoral program is different than a traditional Ph.D in Electronics Engineering. It is uniquely designed for accomplished executives who seek the advanced knowledge, skills, and perspectives of doctoral education without interrupting their careers.
Program Mission

The Mission of our Doctoral Program is to enable successful Electronics Engineering professionals to pursue their academic career by enhancing research capabilities and utilizing theoretical knowledge. There is no other mean than research to meet the needs of modern day everyday evolving technology world.

Educational Objectives

The educational objectives of our Doctoral Program in Electronics are to enable students to:

  • Apply theoretical and analytical competency in own working and functional area.
  • Exhibit analytical and research skills necessary to create knowledge and apply it to emerging technological issues
  • Demonstrate expertise in specific topic through the design, execution and completion of doctoral dissertation that contributes to the knowledge and practice of the field.


Chitkara University is the ideal place for you to earn a doctorate in Electronics & Communication Engineering. Our doctoral program for working executives combines

  • Outstanding faculty
  • Rigorous curriculum
  • Innovative pedagogy
  • Stimulating environment
  • Intensive relationships
  • Flexible scheduling
Our Pedagogy: Doctoral Program in Electronics & Communication Engineering
Combining Research and Reality
This Ph.D(Electronics & Communication Engineering) uniquely fulfills the educational needs of active core electronics professionals
  • Balancing breadth and depth: The program includes four core courses to prepare for research, contemporary issues in emerging concepts in Electronics, Wireless communication, Nano Technology ICT in education and high frequency technologies.
  • Integrating research and problem solving: Through specialization research courses, this program enhances your skills to develop the new technology and innovate through development of technology to meet challenges of modern day digitized world.
  • Merging theory and practice: The doctoral program emphasizes established and emerging theory that has proven potential for identifying, structuring, and solving technological development issues. You collaborate with seasoned professionals and accomplished faculty to advance knowledge in electronics design and improve practice.
  • Blending classroom and online learning: By incorporating the advantages of both co-located contemporary instruction and asynchronous distributed learning this program delivers effective and efficient doctoral education. Seminars continue your learning beyond the classroom. Core courses will however be delivered in the University Campus.
The educational climate of this doctoral program enriches your learning by forming and energizing groups of candidates who complete most of their courses together. The group
  • Broadens your perspectives by leveraging the diverse experiences of subject experts from many industries, firms, and functions
  • Stimulates your intellectual curiosity and critical thinking to attack complex problems.
  • Challenges you continuously through online discussions between monthly class sessions.
  • Motivates you to progress by providing an emotional and social support group.

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