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Yoga workshop organised at Chitkara University

Published on March 22, 2014 | 2600 views

Chitkara College of Education for Women organized ‘A Yoga Workshop’ at Faraday Hall. The eminent person to chair this workshop was Swami Gouri Shavranand Puri. Shavranand Puri Ji has been practicing Yoga from the past 65 years, he is 75-years-old.

Such is Guruji’s dedication to Yoga that he was on Maun Vrat, didn’t speak a single word, for 14 years and has been a Fruitarian since 1976. Guruji has just one motto in life: ‘One who meditates daily, needs no medicine.’

With the increasing complexities in the lives of students, this workshop was organized keeping them in mind, so as to provide them with a mind and body that is physically and mentally sound. The workshop saw a massive participation not only from students, but faculty and staff members too.

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