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Workshop on self-defence for women on Women’s Day

Published on March 14, 2015 | 2202 views

Women from engineering, IEEE Student Chapter, organized an enthusiastic two-day workshop and a session on the occasion of International Women’s Day. The complete session reflected the immense importance of women power in the society. The session was graced by Mrs Poonam Sharma, H’ble Mayor, Chandigarh, whose inspirational words really uplifted the students to walk unafraid with courage. The workshop was taken by Chi Kwando Martial Arts Association in which students learnt various techniques of self-defence with the support of DSW.

Self-defence and self-protection are an important priority for women. The most common crime to happen to a woman is assault, but it is more about a feeling of dominance from one person over another. According to statistics, the majority of crimes are perpetrated by men who women know. Assault on women is also a common crime because assailants assume women will be more passive and not fight back; this has to do with stereotypes of women. The best way for women to fight back against crime is to prevent it from happening by avoiding being alone or being in badly lit areas. However, getting into such situations is sometimes inevitable. Seeing this, the workshop was all about what to do in such circumstances and how to keep yourself safe in several situations.


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