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Workshop on ‘Integrated Manual Therapy for Lumbar Spine’

Published on May 7, 2019 | 1322 views

A workshop on ‘Integrated Manual Therapy for Lumbar spine’ was organised by the Department of Physiotherapy, Chitkara School of Health Sciences; in association with Synapse Physio Pvt Ltd., on May 6-7, 2019 at the campus. The workshop was conducted for BPT (3rd Year) and MPT (1st Year) students.

The workshop aimed to impart skills to diagnose common lumbar spine pathologies, recognise subjective and objective signs and symptoms of common lumbar spine pathologies, determine the necessary precautions and contraindications; and get an understanding of how experts design comprehensive treatment protocols.

Dr Sahana A, initiated the session by welcoming expert Dr. Prem Venkatesan, Head of Department, School of Allied Health Sciences, Bangalore Hospital, MAHE, Manipal. On Day-1, Dr. Venkatesan spoke about the dysfunctions of the Spine, in particular Lumbar spine, Biomechanical and postural alterations. This was followed by hands-on sessions on the subjective and objective assessment with greater focus on the lumbar spine and the diagnosis of various dysfunction. On Day-2, a practical session was conducted for the undergraduate and postgraduate students on the various treatment aspects for the spinal dysfunctions. Students also got to practice and refine their manual therapy skills.

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