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The dance is a poem of which each movement is a word.

Published on April 29, 2023 | 194 views

dance is a poem

On the occasion of World Dance Day, The Office of Student Affairs, Chitkara University, Punjab decided to celebrate this art of expression in a unique way. As the sun began to set on 29 April 2023, the tunes of Nagada Baja started playing outside Square One.

And then, this one song, one beat encapsulated different forms of dance from classical to western and from Giddha to Bhangra all done one by one by the members of all the dance clubs of OSA. As the dancers emerged from C2S2 Custody, C2S2 Natraj, C2S2 Lethal Giddha Squad, and The Bhangra Regiment – came together to perform a choreographed piece of perfection, the fluid movements of their bodies, the synchronized steps, and the perfect coordination of each dancer mesmerized the audience.

As the performance drew to a close, the euphoric chants of “once more” filled the air, a testament to the audience’s deep appreciation. Encouraged by the overwhelming response, the performers willingly obliged and treated the spectators to another spellbinding rendition. Their energy and enthusiasm remained undiminished, infusing the atmosphere with an electrifying vibe.

Throughout the event, the spirit of dance prevailed, igniting a sense of unity and joy among the students who cheered passionately for the performers. The dedication and hard work put forth by the dancers were met with resounding applause, recognizing the hours of practice and commitment behind their flawless execution. It was a remarkable and artistic demonstration, showcasing the profound power of dance to forge connections and express emotions that transcend the limitations of verbal communication.

Dance serves as the hidden language of the soul. It allows individuals to communicate their deepest emotions, tell stories, and convey meaning through the intricate language of movement.

The spirit of dance lived on, as students cheered for the performers, applauding their dedication and hard work. It was a beautiful and artistic display of the power of dance to bring people together and to express themselves in a way that words cannot. As Martha Graham once said, dance truly is the hidden language of the soul.

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