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Technology in the Classroom: Alpha teachers learn teaching in Digital Era

Published on February 9, 2019 | 1170 views

Digital technology makes it possible for teachers to learn quicker and better. It allows them to connect with other teachers, and it has the potential to boost the effectiveness of ordinary, average classroom teaching, and the ability to turn boring, non-innovative lessons into fun and engaging ones!

With a view to make Alpha Teachers more aware about the ‘Role of Digital Technology’ in classroom teaching, Chitkara College of Education invited EDExperts – Mr. Varun and Ms. Aarzoo from Extramarks, a leading Edtech giant creating student-friendly digital learning solutions, to share how a teacher can enhance learning in the classroom with help of digital support. The experts helped create an awareness of a range of digital technologies available and taught them how & why they can be used to support students’ learning. Effective selection of software and devices were also suggested.

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