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Students design Solar Lounge, Biogas Plant based on kitchen waste

Published on May 1, 2014 | 3277 views

Tech Montrer event witnessed an amazing innovation by final-year electrical engineering students at CUP.

Final year students of Electrical Engineering at Chitkara University, Punjab, made projects based on renewable/alternate source of energy and automation etc.

Event Tech Montrer was organized under the aegis of Students’ Chapter of The Institution of Engineers (India) to provide the platform to students to showcase their projects. Projects ‘Solar Lounge’ and ‘Biogas Plant based on Kitchen Waste’ were highly appreciated.

A ‘Solar Lounge’ is a breakthrough concept in the field of solar lighting and charging. Solar lounge is green furniture, which is a clean energy charging station with a sustainable design to deal with all the environmental conditions.

Solar Lounge, which will now be a part of Chitkara University’s Eco-furniture, was designed and made by Manish, Shrey Dhiman, Priyanka Saini, Deepali Gupta and Shiwangi Goyal under the able guidance of Er Anu Singla.

Anaerobic fermentation of cellulose containing organic materials like cattle dung, poultry droppings, human excreta, crop residues etc. leads to the production of combustible gas, which is called biogas. Biogas can be used as cooking fuel, lighting purposes and for running dual fuel engines. Team members Ambrish Thakur,

Deepak Singh Minhas, Jasbir Singh, Navrattan Jain, Neha Goyal, Nitish Singla designed a Biogas plant based on kitchen waste, which has capacity of 1 m3.

Projects titled ‘Automatic Control of Electric Generator’ and ‘Maximum Power Point Solar Power Tracker’ won the first and the second prizes, respectively.

Dr. Madhu Chitkara had been a constant source of inspiration and a pillar of encouragement to the students who strived for excellence in their projects. She, with her motivating words congratulated the department for their initiative in the promotion of solar energy.

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