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A special lecture for Mass Communication students introduced to content marketing

Published on September 27, 2016 | 1922 views

Students of Chitkara School of Mass Communication were introduced to the world of content marketing at a special lecture today when Miss Ritika Jha, Content Strategist at Net Solutions, IT Park, Chandigarh, enlightened them with her broad views on content writing and content generation.

Miss Jha, who has earlier worked in print media like The Tribune and Indian Express, informed the students about the challenges and opportunities in the world of content writing together with content marketing, a field which is growing at a very fast pace. With the upcoming surge towards digital marketing and online media, it has become essential to generate content for every field. Subsequently the need for content writers arises. In addition to this, it is also an upcoming venture and five years down the line the horizons will broaden at large, she emphasized.

While discussing the future of the digital content world, Miss Jha highlighted the future of content marketing as she answered a host of questions from students.


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