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Seven-day NSS camp concludes at Chitkara University

Published on May 29, 2019 | 1781 views

NSS Department, in collaboration with Chitkara College of Education, Chitkara University, Punjab; organised a 7 days special camp with aim of sensitizing NSS volunteers, from May 23-29, 2019. The camp started with an Oath Taking Ceremony in the presence of Ms. Neelam Verma, Programme Coordinator, NSS; and Dr. Sangeeta Pant, Dean, Chitkara College of Education.

Day-1 and Day-2, the NSS volunteers attended the International School Awards, to sensitize towards social services and further enhance organisational & professional skills. Day-3 and Day-4 of the special camp were dedicated to the preparation of the rally, ‘Say No to Drugs and Gender Bias’. Poster Making and Slogan Writing activities were carried out as part of the same. During the last phase of the 7-day camp, NSS volunteers visited the Chitkara Vocational Centre along with Ms. Neelam Verma, Programme Coordinator; where rural women are taught stitching and embroidery. The camp concluded with special workshops – Dr. Santosh Kumar, State Training Supervisor Punjab, Red Cross Chandigarh, emphasised the importance of First Aid and the role each one of us can play in saving a life. Attended by around 50 students, the training session included sessions on burns, heat & child stroke, head injuries, bleeding, snake bite, bandaging for acid attack victims. Another training session on ‘First Aid’ was conducted by Ms. Neha Sharma, Program Coordinator, Mohan Foundation; jointly with Dr. Santosh Kumar, for training Alpha Teachers to aptly handle students during a casualty. The session reflected valuable information covering various topics on First Aid, Organ donation, Food & Nutrition followed by hands-on practice sessions.

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