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Seminar on ‘Mind Matters’: Dr. Madhu Chitkara shares experience with principals, coordinators

Published on August 30, 2019 | 1403 views

Hon’ble Dr. Madhu Chitkara, Vice-Chancellor, Chitkara University; shared her invaluable experience of almost four decades in the Education Industry, while addressing the School Principals & Coordinators of Tricity during a Seminar – Principals’ Meet organised by The Tribune Group of Newspapers with Chitkara University as the Knowledge Partner. The seminar was held at a hotel in Chandigarh, on August 29, 2019.

Themed ‘Mind Matters – A Paradigm Shift’, the seminar saw participation from 130 principals, coordinators of Tricity. The seminar was conducted by Dr Virat Chirania, a TEDx speaker and trainer with over 5,000 hours of training experience in India and abroad.

The event commenced with a talk by Senior Associate Editor of The Tribune, Roopinder Singh. He said, “Teachers are what make us what we are. When we think of our mind, we think less of what we focus on and focus more on the distractions. One of the precious things we have is to develop an ability to still the mind somewhat, to focus. Every individual has to have his own path towards arriving at that goal.” He said, “In the world of distractions, constant media barrage has proved to be a problem for us. If you look at television, the 24-hour news cycle has inverted news. Instead of getting curated news, you have content coming throughout the day. When you have this kind of pressure, the quality suffers.”

“We need minds that are discriminating and that ability to discriminate comes from the training we get as children from our teachers,” he added.

Dr Virat Chirania, the key speaker, emphasised on the importance of soft skills in shaping the leaders of society. He said, “In today’s world, real success depends on soft skills and life skills and these originate in the mind. Unfortunately, schools and colleges don’t teach us how to tame and use the energy of the mind.”

A 15-minute meditation session was also conducted. The speaker emphasised the need for meditation in schools.

Hon’ble Dr Madhu Chitkara, concluded the talk and said, “There are a huge hue and cry among the parents of college-going students regarding their relationships with the opposite sex. The thought process needs to change. Parents should be counselled through such training programmes. It is very important to talk with students and understand their frame of mind.”

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