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Seminar on Global ‪Mobility‬ ‪Employment‬ Opportunities for ‪‎IT‬ Professionals

Published on August 27, 2015 | 2575 views

‪Chitkara University hosted International ‪Education‬ ‪Seminar‬ on “Global ‪Mobility‬ ‪Employment‬ Opportunities for ‪‎IT‬ Professionals” – A strategic and splendid initiative in engaging aspiring students to acclimatize themselves with advanced technologies for ‪empowering‬ themselves to become better decision makers for their brighter tomorrow.

International assignments are a great career development tool and, at the same time, help organizations address talent shortages, close skill gaps and accelerate.

Global mobility is on the rise, and many employees want a passport filled with foreign-nation stamps to bolster personal growth and career development.

It is primarily important to provide individuals with new skills, opportunities for international travel, new challenges and the experience needed to progress their careers, business growth. It is vital for today’s student to know what is expected of him when he becomes a professional in the IT industry.

But while university and advanced education may prepare students to meet today’s challenges, professionals need real-world experience to advance their skills to thrive in a global economy and meet requirements of the future. This is what the seminar mainly focused on.


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