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Seagulls Activity Club (CBS) in collaboration with NSS, organizes blood donation camp

Published on May 16, 2017 | 1774 views

Blood donation is one of the “Noble and Greatest” donations an individual can make. Blood is our life-sap. It has no substitute. Several lives are lost due to shortage of blood.

A Blood Donation Camp was organized by Seagulls Activity Club (CBS) in collaboration with NSS and ‘Rajindra Hospital, Patiala’. Around 150 students registered for blood donation, out of which, 100 candidates were able to donate blood, as the donors went through a series of medical checkups before donating. The students and staff were at it with all their compassion and willingness.

Blood cannot be manufactured in factories; it can only come from generous donors. According to WHO data, India faces a shortage of 3 million blood units. This shortage can easily be eliminated if only an additional 2% of India’s youth donates blood and Chitkara University has been doing its bit. The University believes that organizing camps is the fastest way to solving the problem of blood shortage.

They are safe, and give you a very easy way out to donate blood. Each unit of blood collected saves three to four lives.

Donors were given refreshments and a certificate of appreciation for their service to humanity. Dr. K.K. Sharma, HoD BBA/B.Com lead this initiative and Dr S.C. Sharma Registrar and Dr Sandeep Arora, Director, CCP visited and motivated the donors.

Ms. Neelam, Programme Coordinator, NSS, thanked everyone for their bit.

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