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Satnam Laddi conducts theatre workshop in University

Published on March 29, 2022 | 1040 views

The Department of Office of Student Affairs, Chitkara University, Punjab in collaboration with Chitkara School of Planning and Architecture organized a theatre workshop to celebrate World Theatre Day. The workshop was headed by Satnam Laddi, an eminent Art Director. Students prepared various plays on a variety of genres like comedy, horror, satire, etc.

Known for art direction and an assistant director in the Punjabi film industry, Satnam Laddi has worked with National Award-winner director Rajeev Kumar and also worked with critically acclaimed filmmaker Jatinder Mauhar. Laddi is an alumnus of government college of arts Chandigarh where he has trained as a painter with specialization in creative-composition and portraiture. Laddi began his career in the film industry from the movie Saade Aale (2020) and then Jionde Aan (2018), he also worked as an assistant director in the film Jamraud (2021) Meanwhile, he started doing independent projects where he made some short films like Boiler (2017), Raped (2018). In the very initial days, Laddi did some music videos and production designing for local theatre groups.

World Theatre Day, observed on March 27 every year, was initiated in the year 1961 by the International Theatre Institute. Theatre as an art form constitutes performances done by actors presented before a live audience. The artists connect with the audience through their powerful storytelling. The theme for World theatre Day 2022 is ‘Theatre and a Culture of Peace’ and it remains the same every year. It is celebrated to generate awareness about the importance of theatre arts. It is also celebrated to showcase the important role artists play in the field of entertainment. In 1961, the International Theatre Institute (ITI) initiated this celebration as they wanted the world to understand the value and importance of theatre. The first ITI conference was held in Finland, Helsinki and the second one was held in Vienna. Several theatre groups organise events and many other things to celebrate this day.

On World Theatre Day, ITI releases messages from global personalities in over 50 languages, based on the theme “Theatre and a Culture of Peace”. This year’s message is shared by Peter Sellars, Opera, Theatre and Festival Director (USA).

“As the world hangs by the hour and by the minute on a daily drip-feed of news reportage, may I invite all of us, as creators, to enter our proper scope and sphere and perspective of epic time, epic change, epic awareness, epic reflection, and epic vision?,” Sellars said in his message.

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