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SAE delivers talk on alternate fuels for mechanical engineering students

Published on March 8, 2016 | 2409 views

There was an expert talk on ‘Alternate Fuels’ by SAE for students of Chitkara School of Mechanical Engineering.

An Expert Lecture on “Alternate Fuels” was organized by Society of Automotive Engineers (SAEINDIA) Collegiate Club headed by faculty advisor Harvinder Singh at Chitkara School of Mechanical Engineering.

Dr A.S. Ramadhas, Deputy Manager Research in Vehicle Testing, Fuels and Emissions Department, Indian Oil Corporation, R&D Centre Faridabad addressed about 200 students of Mechanical Engineering. Dr A.S Ramadhas is Post Doctorate from University of Birmingham, UK, and has more than 35 peer reviewed publications to his credit. He emphasized the need of alternate fuels like Ethanol, Hydrogen, CNG as well as Hydrogen Compressed Natural Gas (HCNG).

Dr Ramadhas said that it is important to use alternative fuel because, first, and perhaps most important, we are in danger of ruining the planet’s climate through carbon dioxide emissions.  If we continue to use fossil fuels, we may increase the temperature of the planet in ways that will harm us and our entire ecosystem.

Second, we cannot keep using fossil fuels forever.  They will eventually run out, even as the population of Earth grows. For both these reasons, we need to find other sources of energy that do not emit carbon dioxide when used.

He further added that the last primary concern is the condition of the ozone layer.  The earth has always had a protective layer in the atmosphere, which protected the plant from too much heat entering or exiting our planet.  The carbon emissions have caused a hole that is still increasing in the ozone area. This has caused increased warming of our planet.

It was indeed an informative session for our students.

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