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Radio Chitkara goes on air with Win Media

Published on April 5, 2013 | 2356 views

Radio Chitkara goes on air with Win Media

We have become enhanced, advanced and more pleasing with Radio Chitkara 107.8 FM becoming superior after adopting Win Media. You can tune into Radio Chitkara from anywhere across the globe. This has been facilitated as Radio Chitkara goes on air with Win Media.

The newly adopted software called Win Media enables a listener to get better sound quality and as far as radio automation is concerned, Win Media is by far the most preferred air transmission software.

This software has automatic control and it allows the staff handling the radio program set a schedule, decide timings, make announcements, set the duration and decide on advertisement spots much in advance and this can be altered according to the requirements.

Win Media is preferred by radio stations that aim for a huge listenership and enhancing the quality of content production and scheduling. We believe in nothing but the best and this made us opt for Win Media. The software is being used by providers of infotainment across the globe and it enjoys the tag of being acclaimed internationally.

If you want to tune into a completely new Radio Chitkara from anywhere in the world, just click on the link given in website- www.chitkara.edu.in


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