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‘Pep Talk’ between juniors and seniors is ‘Talk of the Town’

Published on August 27, 2015 | 1994 views

An initiative by the Gen Next of Chitkara University to offer a hand to the budding students at Chitkara International School. Team Squadron Mentors shared their skills and experiences with the enthusiastic students to chisel them for the future in their own way.

The mentoring relationship can be very important because of its potential to inculcate habits of responsible conduct. But to have that degree of influence, the student and a mentor must enjoy a functional relationship. This relationship has a greater likelihood of success if the two-way matching process is conducted responsibly. The main aim of this initiative is to encourage this responsibility among both.

Ideally, the best mentoring relationships occur when there is a good match between students and mentors.
It was a simply ecstatic to hear out University students, their struggles, challenges, expectations and more for our school students as they too will one day enter colleges and universities.

We hope that this initiative of ours acts as a path of motivation, encouragement and taking up responsibilities for both University and school students.


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