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Nursing students visit Verka Milk Plant

Published on December 20, 2013 | 6637 views

Students of Chitkara College of Nursing got first-hand exposure of how milk is processed, prepared and packed during their visit to Verka Milk Plant, Mohali.

The educational visit intended to give information regarding methods of preparation of various milk products, pasteurization, preservation of nutrients of milk products and dietary values of different milk products. After the visit, students will be preparing visit report of milk plant. This field trip to milk plant helped the students in the practical understanding of the concepts of nutrition.

The students learnt a lot from the visit and stated that the University was making constant efforts to initiate educational trips and they are a part of the Chitkara curriculum. Such visits are not only educational but they also give a clear picture of the professional life that the students will be working for at later stages.

The students thanked their teachers and the staff of the University for making the visit successful.


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