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Nursing students visit Prayaas Rehabilitation Centre, understand divergent needs of differently-abled

Published on December 17, 2018 | 1331 views

Department of Nursing at Chitkara School of Health Sciences organised an educational visit for the nursing students at Paryaas.

Paryaas is a rehabilitation centre for differently-abled children in Sector 38, Chandigarh. The main aim of this visit was to sensitize and educate Nursing students regarding disabilities & disorders in children, including learning disabilities, autism, cerebral palsy, hearing & speech impairment, mental retardation, as well as understand the need of psychological counselling for the parents. Students also learned about the challenges faced by these children and their families.

Chitkara students interacted with a clinical psychologist, speech therapists, occupational therapist and the special educators, at the rehabilitation centre during the visit, and learned various therapeutic strategies used for special children. Major treatment modalities included physiotherapy sessions conducted to improve muscle coordination in cerebral palsy patients. The educational visit gave Nursing students the much required practical knowledge regarding the care of differently-abled. Not just that, they were also told about the importance of nurses in conducting good prenatal & intra-natal care due to which many physical and mental disabilities in children can be prevented.

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