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National symposium on sustainable supply chain and future of work hosted

Published on May 2, 2023 | 492 views

National symposium - Chitkara University

The Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Supply Chain at Chitkara Business School organized a two-day national symposium on the future of work, skilling, and mobility for sustainable supply chain from 28th to 29th April 2023. The event saw eminent personalities from the supply chain management industry educating students on skill sets, work culture, and the application of artificial intelligence in two-panel discussions.

The proceedings of the symposium began with an opening address by Dr. Sandhir, who highlighted the major achievements of the university, followed by a context-setting by Dr. Neeraj Anand. The keynote address was delivered by Dr. Ashwani Khanna, Executive Director of Aerotech Support Services Pvt. Ltd. Dr. Khanna’s insightful speech set the tone for the symposium, which focused on the need for skill development and the challenges faced by the supply chain industry in the face of rapidly evolving technology.

The first panel discussion revolved around the theme of “Future of Work and Skilling in Supply Chain Management.” The panelists discussed the impact of technological advancements on the supply chain industry and the need for skill development to keep up with the changing times. The second panel discussion, titled “Mobility and Technology in Supply Chain Management,” focused on the role of technology and mobility in creating a sustainable supply chain.

The symposium also featured a radio session with the speakers, which was well coordinated by Dr. Rashmi Aggarwal and Dr. Ashutosh Mishra on Community Radio. The session provided an opportunity for the speakers to share their valuable insights and answer questions from the audience.

To encourage student participation, the symposium also included a presentation contest, with 116 teams, 200 participants, and 70 presentations. The winners of the contest were suitably awarded with cash prizes, mementos, and vouchers.

The Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Supply Chain at Chitkara Business School is committed to promoting sustainable practices in supply chain management and providing students with the necessary skills to succeed in a rapidly evolving industry. The symposium was a step in this direction and received a positive response from both the students and the industry experts who attended the event.

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