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National Symposium held at Chitkara University: A Resounding Success!

Published on July 8, 2023 | 286 views

National Symposium - Chitkara University

The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering at Chitkara University proudly announces the successful culmination of the National Symposium on “Innovations in Teaching and Learning Practices in Higher Education” held on 7th July 2023. The symposium brought together students, educators, and experts who eagerly delved into the future of education.

Dr. Krishna Vedula, Founder of IUCEE, took center stage as he captivated the audience with his keynote speech on revolutionizing education through student-centric learning, igniting a fresh vision for the future of educational practices. Adding to the enlightening experience, Mr. Tarun Bhalla, Founder and CEO of Avishkaar, delivered a thought-provoking keynote speech on the power and effectiveness of project-based learning in education.

Dr. Archana Mantri, the esteemed Vice Chancellor of Chitkara University, shared invaluable insights on Education 5.0, propelling us towards a transformative shift in teaching and learning methodologies. The symposium also featured an engaging expert talk on the significance of role play in education, led by Dr. Parul Sood and her team.

Highlighting the outstanding contributions of the participants, the symposium recognized and celebrated the winners of the sub-events:

🏆 Best Role Play Award:
Dr. Chetna Kaushal with the CSE student team
Topic: Enhancing Understanding of Cyber Security through Role Play

🏆 Best Poster Award: Dr. Shaminder Kaur
Topic: The Transformative Power of Design Thinking in Education

🏆 Best Paper Award: Dr. Kulbhushan Sharma and Ms. Diksha Thakur
Topic: Integration of Research and Teaching in the Field of VLSI

The prize distribution ceremony was graced by Dr. Shivani Malhotra, Dean of the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, who commended the participants for their exceptional contributions and collaborative efforts. Aligning with our commitment to sustainability, the winners received planters as tokens of appreciation.

The success of the symposium would not have been possible without the dedication and efforts of Ms. Rashpinder Kaur, who skillfully convened this exceptional event, creating a platform for innovative ideas and practices in higher education.

As we celebrate this symposium’s achievements, we invite you to stay tuned for more updates on future events and initiatives that continue to shape the landscape of higher education.

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