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Macau students participate in School of Planning & Architecture workshop

Published on April 8, 2013 | 2248 views

About 27 students from China were at Chitkara University to learn the nuances of the rich heritage of City Beautiful as Chitkara School of Planning and Architecture organized a collaborative workshop from April 1 to April 4. According to the students from China, the experience was innovative, stimulating and over all it was a delightful experience for them.

Chandigarh has a lot to offer in terms of planning, architecture and culture and our endeavor of letting the world know about it, had got students from Institute for Tourism Studies, Heritage Studies Centre, IFT, Colina de Mong-Ha, Macao, China, to our Punjab campus.

There were about nine groups in which the Chinese students were divided and about 32 Chitkara students were helping them out at the workshop.

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