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Lessons of professionalism for our media students

Published on September 23, 2013 | 2281 views

It was time for our media students to learn aspects of professionalism as there was a guest lecture by Ajay Shukla, Chief Editor and Ravi Jaiswal, Bureau Chief, India News and Aaj Samaj.

Students of Chitkara School of Mass Communication at had an interactive session where the guests inspired the students to take on the righteous and truthful path to journalism.

Ajay Shukla spoke on the media ethics and moral principles a journalist should follow. Through his words, he enlightened how research work and getting the facts right is important for a reporter/journalist.

Ravi Jaiswal, on the other hand, spoke of his own personal experience and struggle in the journalistic field. Taking various examples from the recent events, he explained the value of investigative journalism and the role, media can play in revealing the truth about the various sections of society.

No media person should come under any kind of political, emotional or social pressure was the root of his speech. The students being addressed had their queries which the esteemed speakers cleared in the fascinating way. It was an inspiring session and the students said they look forward to more sessions as such.

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