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Ketan Bhagat tells students the mantra of success at Chitkara University

Published on September 24, 2013 | 2812 views

The approximately one-hour talk was more than just a talk for our engineering students at Chitkara University. The talk was delivered by Ketan Bhagat, a revered storyteller.

He is the well-renowned novelist Chetan Bhagat’s brother and lives in Mumbai.

Ketan, while talking to our students stressed on two things, excellence and integrity. He asked the students to be excellent in whatever they do, because excellence leads to success. Ketan stressed upon integrity and veracity as these two aspects earn respect, which is another key aspect of becoming successful.

Ketan’s talk was filled with his real-life examples and tons of humour. Students enjoyed every bit of the talk as Ketan took them through an intellectual metamorphosis.

We would like to thank Ketan for sharing his valuable time and experiences with our students and we are sure that his words of wisdom will take our students a long way ahead.


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