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Industrial visit to DRDO

Published on September 16, 2014 | 4729 views

ACM Student Chapter of Chitkara Department of Computer Science organized an industrial visit to Department of Defence Research & Development (DRDO).

About 22 students of ACM and IEEE Chapter visited the site and were shown an introductory presentation, which gave them an idea about the current projects and facilities available in TBRL, which included Multimode Grenade, Rail Track Rocket Sled (RTRS), Riot Control- Plastic Bullets, Bund Blasting Devices, etc. in the first section.

In the second section, students were taken to the Spark and Baffle Range Zone. Here, they were shown low and high velocity arms and weapons, body armours, multiple spark photography technique and the Baffle Range, which provides ground barriers, sidewalls, baffle walls and stop butt to arrest the misdirected bullets. In the last section, the students first visited the Blast and Damage Zone to understand the free air and underwater explosion technique. Next, they were taken to the Fragmentation and Lethality Group to understand the working of the Multimode Grenade.

Lastly, they visited the RTRS, which works on the concept of ‘Captive Flight Testing’ and the performance of the product is analysed through the electronic data acquisition instrumentation, including on-board telemetry and strip chart recorders. The students interacted with the officials and gained a lot of knowledge, which will be useful for them in their academics.


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