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Hospitality students visit brewery

Published on August 4, 2014 | 2031 views

As a part of the curriculum, third semester students visited a brewery to understand the beer manufacturing process.

Field visit was arranged By Mr. Manoj Kumar Sharma (assistant professor at Chitkara School of Hospitality) in collaboration with Mr. D.P. Khetarpal (General Manager at Mount Shivalik Brewery). Mr. Gurinder Singh Sandhu (head Brewer) and Mr. Ashok Kumar Saxena (assistant brewer) explained students the ingredients required to make beer and their importance of different variety.

Beer-making process was explained to the students in detail. It was happening at the plant as the students visited. Steeping process, which includes soaking of barley and making it into green malt, Kilning that is roasting of barley to get desired color for beer, Mashing is done by crushing the barley and adding hot water into it to extract the starch from it, Leutering is done to add hops which gives flavor and bitterness to beer and then boiling, whirl pooling, cooling it to start the fermentation process with the help of yeast and maturation after that. Filtration is done to clarify impurities formed during fermentation, bottling, pasteurization is done to kill bacteria and improve shelf life of beer, and at last packaging and distribution.

Students after the tour were very happy and said that the visit was informative and knowledgeable. Mr. D P Khetarpal and the other brewery staff also appreciated the efforts of CSH for their teaching methodology.


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