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Hospitality students organize Northwest frontier cuisine lunch

Published on March 22, 2014 | 2062 views

It was time for indulging in a gastronomic journey with Chitkara School of Hospitality as it organized Melmastia themed lunch.

Melmastia, or hospitality, is the requirement Pastunwali puts on its tribesmen towards others, whether they are strangers or members of one’s own tribe. Melmastia is all about hospitality and profound respect shown to all visitors, regardless of race, religion, national affiliation and economic status and doing so without any hope of remuneration or favour.

Pashtuns believe in going to any extent to show their hospitality. In Afghanistan, hospitality to strangers is an obligation and is offered free, without expecting any reciprocity.

For the lunch, students of Chitkara School of Hospitality had converted the restaurant into a themed platform where tables were set in the colours of green, red, purple and black, which complemented well with food painstakingly prepared by the students comprising of various salads, dips, Aoush, Biryani, Kobabs, Nans et al.

The day was also celebrated as Nauroz, the first day of the New Year as per the Higri calendar, which is celebrated in most of the Central Asian Countries, including Afghanistan.

The guests relished the food and appreciated the efforts of the students.

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