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George Brown College and Chitkara University deepen partnership with new Academic Mentorship Agreement

Published on September 4, 2019 | 2112 views

George Brown College, Toronto, Canada, and Chitkara University, Punjab, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), on September 3, 2019, to deepen partnership with a new Academic Mentorship Agreement. The new agreement establishes opportunities for teaching and learning mentorship, curriculum development, and applied research.

When it comes to Hospitality and Culinary education, George Brown College in Toronto-Canada leads from the front in setting ideal benchmarks in Hospitality education in North America. It welcomes student diversity from all corners of the world who aspire to take leadership positions in the hospitality and culinary sectors.

The wide-ranging new agreement between Chitkara University and George Brown College will hugely benefit the students from India who are looking for a stellar International program in Culinary management. This new agreement between GBC and Chitkara University establishes opportunities for teaching and learning mentorship, curriculum development, and applied research.

The agreement will provide students with academic mentorship from George Brown faculty who will help Chitkara University to curate and co-deliver their curriculum. Students will be exposed to applied international pedagogy and Canadian socio-cultural context closer to their homes when they have just come out of their schools. Besides, students will save more than half of the international fee component when they start at Chitkara University and then opt to transfer to GBC after two years of study at Chitkara University, based on academic eligibility and other statuary conditions.

Student learning shall be recognized with transferrable credits to receive advanced standing into the third year of the George Brown Honours Bachelor of Commerce – Culinary Management degree in Canada. Launched in 2016, the degree is tailored specifically to the culinary field. Developed with input from industry, it includes two work placements and combines management theory with advanced culinary courses, preparing students to enter the culinary industry with a strategic approach to operations and greater depth of insight in regards to food and cooking and the management of culinary operations.

Ms. Mia Yen, Consul General for Canada in Chandigarh was present at the event and reiterated the long term vision of PM Justin Trudeau “Canada looks forward to further strengthening our relationship, and working together in a broad range of areas, such as encouraging trade and investment, supporting innovation and education, promoting peace and security, and tackling the climate crisis, to create new opportunities for Canadians and Indians alike.” And this new arrangement between Chitkara University in India and George Brown College in Canada is a step forward in realising that vision.

“We’re very pleased to deepen and expand our collaboration with Chitkara University,” said Ms. Anne Sado, President, George Brown College, who travelled to India to sign the agreement. “We share a commitment to preparing students for a diverse and global workplace. We are also united by our sense of responsibility to the industry, as we strive to deliver exceptional graduates who will become tomorrow’s industry leaders.”

Dr. Madhu Chitkara, Vice-Chancellor, Chitkara University, comments, “This will be a more intense form of our current relationship with George Brown College where we can expose our students to International and accomplished faculty from GBC where they can learn from the best including different cuisines, thus setting themselves up to work and live in any part of the world. This will enable our students to develop international skills sets and become employable or start their own culinary ventures anywhere.”

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