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E-Conference on Management of COVID-19 & Related Infections (MARDS-CVD-19) and ‘VIRULINA’ Product Launch

Published on November 2, 2020 | 1180 views

Chitkara University’s Chitkara College of Pharmacy (CCP) organized an E-Conference on the theme ‘Management of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) & Co-morbidities in COVID-19 & related infections’ (MARDS-CVD-19) on 31st October’ 2020. The event also marked the product launch of a preclinically and clinically tested product ‘VIRULINA’, which has been validated as an effective adjunct remedy for the prevention of ARDS caused due to COVID-19 infection.

Keeping with its vision to create knowledge, train professionals, and collaborate with industry leaders for a greater good, Chitkara University recently collaborated with Natural Solutions (Mumbai) through Chitkara College of Pharmacy (CCP). The jointly organized e-conference brought forth the issue of Management of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS), which has emerged as the leading cause of morbidity in COVID-19 patients. The product launched on the event – VIRULINA, is a preclinical and clinically validated Phyto-pharmaceutical product from Natural Solutions Mumbai, developed in technical collaboration with Chitkara College of Pharmacy (CCP), Chitkara University.

The conference included technical sessions and panel discussion on contemporary and relevant topics like COVID-19: Epidemiology and Morbidities, Mainstay Clinical Management, Supportive Therapies & Success, Phytopharmaceuticals, Alternative Therapies, Surgical interventions in co-morbidities, Vaccines, and mass Vaccination strategy, and Clinical Pathology Updates.

The eminent panelists and industry experts who graced the conference included Dr. Shweta Prabhakar (Head – Clinical Quality, Fortis Mohali), Dr. Suresh Atilli (Director, Clinsync), Dr. Anil Garg (DAUO, Patiala (Punjab)), Dr. Mahesh K Harjit (Dean, School of Ayurveda, DY Patil University), Dr. Anita Sharma (AD, Medical Pathology, Fortis), Mr. S Dixit (CMD, Yumsun Global, UK), Sh. Vikram Baburao (MD, Pharexcel, Bangalore), Mr. SVK Prasad (MD, CITO), Dr. Imtiaz Khan (Registrar, UMC), Dr. Nitin Gupta (Director, Neelam Hospitals), and Dr. Vijay Chennamchetty (Senior Pulmonary Consultant, Apollo Hyderabad). The panelists shared the latest research findings on diagnostic, therapeutic, critical care, respiratory support, adjunct, palliative, AYUSH, and other approaches for effective management of ARDS & related morbidities in COVID-19.

The sessions were chaired & attended by eminent academicians, researchers, and members of the ‘VIRULINA’ Product Development Team comprising of Dr. Anil Sharma (MD, Natural Solutions – Jt. Convener), Dr. Sandeep Arora (Dean, Chitkara College of Pharmacy – Convener), Dr. Thakur Gurjeet Singh (AD, Pharm D – Preclinical Scientist), Dr. Sukhbir Singh (Associate Prof), and Dr. Neelam Sharma (Associate Prof, Chitkara College of Pharmacy).

Dr. Anil Sharma (MD, Natural Solutions), while introducing the product shared that, “VIRULINA is a polyherbal combination. A powerful immune-stimulant which is clinically-tested. As per the studies conducted, it has been clinically proven that it helps in the prevention of life-threatening symptoms such as Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) caused due to COVID-19 infection. ARDS is one of the major causes of death in COVID-19 patients. We are very thankful to the Chitkara College of Pharmacy for the support they have extended to us in this partnership. Our collaboration with Chitkara University has helped us leverage the extensively established preclinical, clinical safety & efficacy, and quality credentials for the drug development of herbal and advanced Phytopharmaceutical products.”

The event was presided by Dr. Madhu Chitkara (Hon Pro-Chancellor, Chitkara University).

Dr. Madhu Chitkara, while inaugurating the e-conference congratulated the team of Natural Solutions (Mumbai), and the Chitkara College of Pharmacy (CCP) and shared, “The e-conference and the technical collaboration with Natural Solutions to develop a remedy for helping COVID-19 patients is a testimony of what Chitkara University stands for – collaborating and creating knowledge for the greater good of the humankind. The College of Pharmacy at Chitkara University has always valued its collaboration with pharma and clinical research leaders like Fortis, Clinsync, Parexel. We are proud and grateful for our collaboration with Natural Solutions for clinical trials and the development of new-age & research-based Phytopharmaceuticals.”

The event was attended by academicians, experts, and students from across the country.

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