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Dr. Neeraj Anand Achieves Milestone Recognition from CILT

Published on January 17, 2024 | 101 views

Dr. Neeraj Anand - Chitkara University

Dr. Neeraj Anand, an esteemed academician and leading authority in supply chain management, has achieved a significant milestone by attaining the esteemed status of ‘Life Member’ and being elected as a Chartered Member of the renowned Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT). This recognition underscores his exceptional contributions to the field of supply chain management and highlights his commitment to fostering excellence in logistics and transport.

Dr. Anand currently serves as the Dean of Supply Chain Management & General Management at Chitkara Business School and heads the Centre of Excellence in Sustainable Supply Chain at Chitkara University, Punjab. His elevation to the distinguished status of ‘Life Member’ and Chartered Member by CILT is a testament to his outstanding leadership, unwavering dedication, and significant impact in shaping the discourse of sustainable supply chain practices.

The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) is globally acknowledged for its leadership and influence in the domains of supply chain, logistics, and transport. Dr. Neeraj Anand’s induction as a Chartered Member reflects not only his personal accomplishments but also serves as a source of pride for Chitkara University.

In his role as Dean, Dr. Anand has played a pivotal role in advancing Chitkara Business School’s commitment to excellence in education and research. His extensive expertise in supply chain management has not only enriched academic programs but has also inspired students and industry professionals alike.

Dr. Anand’s vision aligns seamlessly with CILT’s mission to promote excellence and best practices in logistics and transport. This recognition not only elevates his stature but also brings accolades to Chitkara University, reinforcing its standing as an institution committed to producing industry-ready professionals and thought leaders.

Chitkara University looks forward to the continued impact Dr. Anand will make in steering the discourse of sustainable supply chain practices. Chitkara University takes pride in his accomplishments and remains dedicated to fostering an environment that nurtures academic brilliance and industry relevance.

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