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Dr. Kanika Bansal Invited to Judge at the Prestigious iDAC 2024

Published on May 20, 2024 | 38 views

Prestigious iDAC 2024 - Chitkara University

Dr. Kanika Bansal, Dean of Academics at the Chitkara School of Planning and Architecture (CSPA), Chitkara University, recently served as a distinguished jury member at the prestigious iDAC Intelligence Series Chandigarh Chapter 2024. The event, held in Chandigarh, saw her alongside eminent architects from the region, including Ar. Kapil Setia, Ar. Sangeeta Bagga, and Ar. Surinder Bagga, among others, to evaluate and judge shortlisted architectural projects submitted as part of the design competition.

The iDAC (Infrastructure, Development, Architecture, and Construction) Intelligence Series is India’s largest knowledge-driven exhibition, dedicated to advancing the building industry and supporting its stakeholders. By organising both main and satellite events across the nation, iDAC aims to foster innovation, collaboration, and excellence within the industry.

Dr. Bansal’s invitation to serve as a jury member is a recognition of her expertise and Chitkara University’s commitment to excellence in architectural education. Her participation in the event underscores the university’s significant contributions to the field of architecture, enhancing its reputation as a leading institution for architectural studies.

During the competition, Dr. Bansal and her fellow jury members meticulously evaluated each project, considering various aspects such as design innovation, sustainability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. The projects showcased a wide range of creative solutions to contemporary architectural challenges, reflecting the ingenuity and skill of the participating designers.

Dr. Bansal’s involvement provided a valuable opportunity for the students and professionals present to gain insights from her extensive academic and practical experience. Her feedback and assessments were instrumental in guiding participants towards achieving higher standards in their work.

The event also featured interactive sessions, panel discussions, and networking opportunities, allowing attendees to engage with industry leaders, exchange ideas, and explore new trends and technologies in architecture and construction. These activities fostered a collaborative environment where knowledge and best practices were shared, contributing to the professional growth of all participants.

Dr. Bansal emphasised the importance of innovation and sustainability in modern architecture. She encouraged participants to continue pushing the boundaries of design while remaining mindful of the environmental and social impacts of their work. She expressed her appreciation for the high caliber of projects submitted and applauded the efforts of all participants for their dedication and creativity.

Dr. Bansal’s role as a jury member at the iDAC Intelligence Series 2024 highlights Chitkara University’s dedication to fostering excellence and innovation in architectural education. Her participation not only enhanced the event but also reinforced the university’s standing as a leader in nurturing the next generation of architects.

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