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Dept of Nursing takes Educational visit to Sewage Treatment Plant

Published on February 6, 2019 | 1419 views

Faculty and students of the Department of Nursing, Chitkara School of Health Sciences, visited the Sewage Treatment Plant in Chandigarh. The main aim of the visit was to make students aware of the recycling of sewage water and how it is used for irrigation purpose in public gardens and various agricultural fields.

Students were familiarised with the industrial environment and about different units of the wastewater treatment plant. They were shown the working of different units like aeration tank, disinfection unit and sludge digestion, and explained their working step by step, describing what happens at each stage of the treatment process and how various inorganic and organic contaminants are removed to help keep our waterways clean. The students saw first-hand how the waste sludges are collected, processed and disposed of sludge. Through the visit, students got an in-depth knowledge of the various components of the treatment plant, and also became familiar with the working principle and functions of various units of treatment plant such as screens, grit chamber, primary clarifier, aeration tank, secondary clarifier, sludge digester, etc. During the plant visit, students also learnt about daily monitoring of treated water by various chemical analysis of pH, BOD, COD etc.

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