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CUIET tops charts in the Times Engineering Institute Survey 2022

Published on June 15, 2022 | 1564 views

Chitkara University Institute of Engineering and Technology has secured 9th rank in North India; 19th rank in ‘Engineering Institute by Research’ and 24th rank in ‘Top 125 Private Engineering Institutions’. It has also ranked 30th among ‘Top 170 Overall Engineering Institutions’ and 42nd among ‘Top Engineering Institutions on Placement’ by Times Engineering Institute Survey 2022. The aim of this survey was to find and rank the best engineering colleges in India. Desk research, perceptual and factual surveys were used to arrive at the analysis and ultimate rating of the survey (Participatory Survey).

Desk Research was a secondary research module in which the internet, periodicals, and other sources were used to compile a complete list of engineering colleges. Engineering college lists were created using a variety of sources, including a list of colleges/universities from past surveys and a conversation with industry professionals to add/remove any college. A structured questionnaire was distributed to selected respondents in the Perceptual Survey module, including HR professionals, faculty, alumni, current students, and aspiring students, in order to arrive at a ranking and evaluation of engineering colleges. Perceptual Rating evaluated the infrastructure, faculty, course curriculum, industry interaction, pedagogy, research orientations and focus, global exposure, placement, and overall brand value of the institutions. More than 1400 engineering colleges were issued the factual data questionnaire in the Factual Survey, which was then systematically followed up on through phone, email, and even face-to-face if necessary.

The factual data sheet concentrated on areas such as the college’s general information, such as its founding, type of affiliation, and the number of seats, as well as infrastructure, faculty, intellectual capital, industry interface, placement, networking potential, exchange programmes, and global exposure, research orientation and focus, and alumni chapter. To arrive at the final rankings, a thorough methodology was used.

In 2021, Chitkara University Institute of Engineering and Technology was ranked 11th in North India, 16th in ‘Engineering Institute by Research’, 40th in the ‘Top Engineering Institute’ category, 31st among the ‘Top 125 Private Engineering Institutes’ and 48th rank in ‘Placement Category’ of the Times Engineering Institute Survey 2021.

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